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Updated 12/8/12

I'm a low-end consumer. I don't make many purchases because I just don't usually have a lot of ready cash. When I do buy something, I usually look for bargains and research them well.

Occasionally, I find a product for which there is little or no information. I may take a chance on it and if I do, you will find a review here.

These reviews are voluntary, unpaid-for, unremibursed, unedited frank observations of a product.

You can find some reviews for Macintosh computer peripherals in my column on Low End Mac.

Right now there are just a few reviews on this site. More may follow but it may be quite a while before they do. I hope they'll provide a useful alternative to the screened, edited reviews on retailers sites.

Best wishes, H. Menagh

Musical Instruments

1)  Baja "Classic" Electric Guitar

2)  Washburn WG25S Tahoe Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

3)  C F Martin's Rosewood Dreadnought Herringbone Guitar Kit

4)  Recording King RP-06 0-Style Acoustic Guitar

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1)  Vilano Forza 1.0 From Road Bike Outlet

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